Fuel the Great Re-Engagement

Help people to refuel, recharge, and reclaim what matters

Professional Development

In July, EMBAC will debut a new type of offering to support your professional development and to help you gain insights on important topics. Designed for busy industry professionals, EMBAC Virtual Short Programs pack great content into a convenient, time-saving format.

The first Virtual Short Program – Fuel the Great Re-Engagement: Help people to refuel, recharge, and reclaim what matters – takes place from 10-11:30 AM Eastern Time on two days, July 21 AND July 28. Join your peers and international keynote speaker and life management coach Mark Guilbert to shed light on the very timely topic of staying healthy, productive, and engaged, especially during stressful periods.

Recent EMBAC polls show a growing concern about staff burnout. In this program, learn how to spark re-engagement, promote well-being within the workplace, and take care of yourself.

During times of change and uncertainty, concern about the human being and not just their performance is paramount. The unprecedented global situation has resulted in widespread employee disillusionment within the workplace, with employees wondering whether their organization cares about them as much as they are expected to care about the organization.

Currently, more than 37 percent of the global workforce believe their companies are asking too much of them. The result: energy-depleted, dissatisfied, and emotionally exhausted people who are quitting their jobs in search of more rewarding work and an employer who truly cares.

So, let’s turn our current situation into a wake-up call and acknowledge the immensely powerful message it reflects: Prioritizing people’s well-being may be the essential glue that holds an organization’s workforce together during these turbulent times. Why? Because health management, personal development, and value alignment have become vital for people.

The virtual program will address:

  • Navigating through a crisis – the three different stages
  • Turning a ‘Great Resignation’ into a ‘Great Re-Engagement’ – what matters most
  • Sustaining ourselves so we can care for others
  • Applying principles to practice


Virtual Short Program

Fuel the Great Re-Engagement: Help people to refuel, recharge, and reclaim what matters!

  •  Presented by Mark Guilbert, international keynote speaker and life management coach, founder and managing director of MG Business Health Solutions

  •  July 21 AND July 28

  •  10-11:30 AM Eastern Time

  •  $175

  •  Virtual delivery

  •  You will receive a confirmation email upon registration. In addition, a few days before the program, you will receive a second email with a web link to the program.

  •   Full program fees will be refunded if cancellation is received in writing no later than JULY 14, 2022. NO REFUNDS will be granted after that time or for "no shows."

Your expert guide: Mark Guilbert
Mark Guilbert

Founder and managing director of MG Business Health Solutions, Mark Guilbert concentrates his coaching and speaking on the following areas:

  • • Life management and personal productivity
  • • Management of physical, mental, and emotional energy for business performance requirements
  • • Stress/recovery integration management
  • • Collaborations with organizations to optimize the potential of their people and create environments that support a safer, healthier, and more effective way of working

He has worked with high-profile celebrities from the world of politics, sport, and entertainment, which include Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the Soviet Union, Diego Maradona, former professional footballer, Jerry Hall, former top model, David Furnish, partner of Elton John, and Miles Hilton-Barber, blind adventurer and international motivational speaker.

In 1999, Guilbert developed the Energizing the Business Athlete® (EBA) program, which specializes in optimizing individual and organizational health and well-being. He has led senior leadership and corporate programs for Deloitte, IMD Business School, London Business School, Credit Suisse, Telefónica, Samsung, Givaudan, Cargill International SA, Colgate Palmolive, Liberty Global, Carrefour, Nestlé, Shire, Nespresso, Novartis, PhilAfrica Foods, Beiersdorf AG, NN Group, University of Lausanne, and JT International, among others.

An athlete, Guilbert participated as an Ironman Triathlete at the World Championships and as a professional roller and rink hockey goalkeeper for Italy. He received a master diploma in exercise physiology and sports therapy from the Global and National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Registration is now open for the EMBAC Virtual Short Program: Fuel the Great Re-Engagement.