Valuable data

What do Executive MBA Programs cost on average? How many offer electives? Is there any data available on class size and demographics?

Thanks to the EMBAC Membership Program Survey, programs can find answers to those questions and much more. The survey collects data on topics such as curriculum, students, faculty, staffing, marketing and recruiting, and student and alumni services, among others.

By participating in the survey, programs also will be listed in the online EMBA Program directory on the council’s prospective student website. The online directory allows prospective students to request information from programs.

Provides the only comprehensive overview of Executive MBA Programs in the world
Collects data that helps programs compare their logistics and operations with those of other programs
Offers programs tools for improving and measuring their efforts against their past performance and similar schools

Access and update your Program Survey data through your school portal.

Q & A
Why offer a Program Survey?

Members, students, business representatives, journalists, and others turn to the council for information about Executive MBA Programs. As a result of its Program Survey, the council can share an overview of Executive MBA Programs and monitor trends. Member programs receive data that helps them compare their efforts against peers, make improvements, and measure the success of those improvements.

Is it confidential?

Yes, the information that programs provide remains confidential. The council only presents aggregate information.

What do you receive?

EMBAC offers three types of reports: standard, peer, and regional. You will receive the standard report free as a benefit of your membership and participation in the Program Survey.

The standard report displays trended aggregate data of all participating schools along with segmentation by program cost, North American programs compared to non-North American programs, and public versus private programs. The standard and regional reports do not display individual program data.

The peer report allows you to select six programs as a peer composite group for benchmarking to your program. You can choose different peers for each program. The peer report displays your program-specific data compared to the peer composite. Your program-specific data will never be displayed to other members – only composite (aggregated) data are displayed to protect confidentiality.

The regional report includes all questions in the survey segmented by the following regions:
Middle East + Africa
Latin America
United States
Midwest U.S.
Northeast U.S.
Southeast U.S.
Southwest U.S.
Western U.S.
All Programs

What is the timing?

Each year, the council sends a reminder to the primary contacts of member programs. The reminder asks programs to complete the membership renewal process and update their Program Survey data by the deadline in the reminder. Member schools can update their directory information anytime during the year through their school portal.

Why is the online directory listing important?

It allows prospective students to find your program when they search the online directory of the EMBAC prospective student website at

Questions? Need the passcode to your portal?

To ensure confidentiality, EMBAC’s contract research partner Percept Research administers the survey on behalf of the council.