2022 Conference - Austin, Texas

Plenary Sessions

Leading Happiness at Work
Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Ph.D., Science Director, Greater Good Science Center, University of California, Berkeley

The Paradoxes of Leadership – Neuroscience-Based Leadership for the Information Age
Steven Poelmans Ph.D., Professor of Neuroscience and Strategic Leadership, Antwerp Management School

The Leadership Stimulus Package: A Call to Action for All Leaders
Nouman Ashraf, Associate Professor, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Concurrent Sessions

Career Celebrations – Your Swiss Army Knife Multi-Tool / Rachel Todd and Kit Alderdice, University of Oregon

Touchpoints After Admissions: Addressing the Need for Connection and Information / Roberta Johansen and Veronique Tran, ESCP Business School

Stereotype Threat: Exploring Racial Consciousness Through Inquiry and Reflection / Karen Henry, Xavier University

A Data-Driven Approach to Marketing Online Business Programs / Charles Ramos, RNL, and Whitney Smith, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Driving Innovation, Impact, and Stakeholder Engagement: The Power of Immersive Capstone Experiences / Jennifer Wiess and Jeff Kudisch, Villanova University, and Gerald Suarez, University of Maryland

High-Impact Teaching Practices for the EMBA Classroom / Kevin Walsh, Ph.D., and Melissa Shew, Ph.D., Marquette University

(Re)Balancing Act – Increasing Female Enrollment Post-COVID / Kim Randall, Western University

Are Your Students Prepared for the Classroom / Ana Kyper, GMAC, Nita Swinsick, Georgetown University, and Sharon Barrett, University of Texas at Austin

Drinking from the Firehouse: A Guide to Helping Students Help Themselves / Geoff Miskinis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

From Zoom to the Room / Sara Lynn Ianni, Ikechi Nwanko, and Chrissy O’Brien, Cornell University

When MBA Students Stop Being Tourists: How Student-Facilitated International Trips Increase Engagement and Learning Outcomes / Michael Alexander and Amy Dwyer, Texas A&M University

De-Mystifying MBA Rankings / Matt Turner, UT-Austin McCombs School of Business

Insourcing Your Digital Marketing for Enhanced Speed, Agility, and Performance / Brian Connelly, Lucas Eggers, and Maria stutsman y marquez, University of Notre Dame

Diversity in the EMBA: Seeking Stability through Diverse Recruitment and Curriculum Design / Rebecca Diemer and Lisa Beauchene-Lawson, University of New Mexico

Designing EMBA International Experiences That Achieve Business School and Corporate ESG Goals / Lloyd Edmondson and Rafael Furtado, Austral Education Group, and Abbey Hargrove, Rice University

Research Session / Aram Karakashian, Imperial College Business School, and Jennifer Wiess, Villanova University

Innovative Digital, Virtual and Online Approaches to Providing Lifelong Career Development / Mary Houlihan, Washington University in St. Louis

LinkedIn and EMBA Alumni Engagement / Francis Petit and Liza Wynns, Fordham University

Succeeding With Hybrid Programs / Idola Olazar, BI Norwegian Business School

A New Model for Inclusive Leadership Coaching: Interactive Feedback Reports for Dynamic, Focused, and Personalized Learning Online or In-Person / Randall Peterson, London Business School, and JoEllyn Prouty McLaren, TalentSage

Leveraging Alumni in Admissions Interviews / Joanne Legler, Yale University, and Nita Swinsick, Georgetown University

Leadership Shift: From “Telling” to “Coaching” / Barbara Millar, University of Virginia

Managing the Hot Moment You Didn’t Plan For / Daniel Turner, University of Washington

EMBAC conferences

1981   AACSB Executive MBA Workshop (Houston)

1983   Developing Quality in Executive MBA Programs (Atlanta)

1985   Executive MBA Programs: Masterful Strategies for Mature Programs (Boston)

1986   Executive MBA Programs: The State-of-the-Artful Relations (San Francisco)

1987   Executive MBA Programs: Insighters Trading for the Future (Toronto)

1988   Looking from the Inside Out: The Structure, Operations, and Marketing (Denver)

1989   Executive MBA Direction and Change: Managing Innovation (San Antonio)

1990   Setting the Course for the 90s (Orlando)

1991   Executive MBA Futures and Options (Santa Monica)

1992   Challenges 1992: Competition and Integration (New Orleans)

1993   The Challenge of Educating International Managers: An Immersion Program (Mexico City)

1994   The Executive MBA 2000 (Washington, D.C.)

1995   Navigating the Future of the Executive MBA: Strategy, Technology, and Operations (Seattle)

1996   Challenged to Lead (Chicago)

1997   Prepared to Lead in a Global Environment (Montreal)

1998   Seizing the Initiative, Best Innovations and Practices in the Executive MBA (Scottsdale)

1999   Back to the Future: Embracing Market Changes in the New Millennium (Orlando)

2000   NO BOUNDARIES! (Newport Beach)

2001   The Global Campus: Expanding in a Shrinking World (Philadelphia, Oct. 20-24)

2002   Scaling New Heights: Educate, Network, and Inform (Keystone, Oct. 12-15)

2003   Inspired Leadership: Create, Compete, Communicate, Collaborate (Atlanta, Oct. 18-22)

2004   Building Bridges, Creating Connections (San Francisco, Oct. 30-Nov. 2)

2005   Dare to be Different (Barcelona, Oct. 30-Nov. 2)

2006   Navigating in a Sea of Change (Baltimore, Oct. 21-24)

2007   Thriving in a Mosaic Marketplace (Toronto, Oct. 21-24)

2008   Powering the Brand, Energizing the Industry (Chicago, Oct. 26-29)

2009   Leading Through Challenging Times (San Diego, Oct. 18-21)

2010   Passport to The World (Vancouver, Oct. 24-27)

2011   Ocean of Opportunities (Key Biscayne, Oct. 16-19)

2012   La Belle Epoque - Innovation, Aspiration, Enlightenment (Paris, France, Oct. 14-17)

2013   Igniting Innovation (Houston, Texas, Oct. 20-23)

2014   Lights, Camera, Action (Los Angeles, California, Oct. 19-22)

2015   Global Shift (Singapore, Oct. 25-28)

2016 Redesign & Renewal – Piloting the Waters of Transformation (New Orleans, Oct. 23-26)

2017 Exploring the Next Frontier (Seattle, Oct. 22-25)

2018 Dream, Discover, Disrupt (Madrid, Oct. 14-17)

2019 Experience the Magic! (Orlando, Florida, Oct. 13-16)

2020 Transforming (EMBAC Virtual Conference, Oct. 26-28)
2021 Community of Innovators (EMBAC Virtual Conference, Oct. 25-27)

2022 Turning Survival into Revival (Austin, Texas, Oct. 16-19)
2023 Scottsdale, Arizona, Oct. 1-4