2023 Conference - Scottsdale, Arizona

Plenary Sessions

Disruptive Innovation in the EMBA World and How to GROW
Henry Hays, Managing Partner, Henry Hays Consulting

AI-Powered Business Schools: Transforming the Business Education Landscape
Sarah Grant, PhD, Director, IDEA Lab, Imperial College Business School

Equipping the Next Generation of Leaders in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
Brian Evergreen, Founder, The Profitable Good Company

Let’s Grow the Pie
Leon A. Jackson, Founder and CEO of The Diversity in Leadership Program, and Chancellor, Marian University’s St. Joseph College

Concurrent Sessions

EMBAs as Entrepreneurs: Meeting the Demand / Jo Hising DiFabio, MIT, and Gonzalo Freixes, UCLA

Creating a Positive Student Culture / Jane Charlton and Hannah Daniels, London Business School

Tell Me About Yourself and Other Useless Questions: How to Craft Interviews That Serve Your Program and Your Applicants / Sara Lynn Ianni, Christine O'Brien, and Ikechi Nwankwo, Cornell University

Digital Learning Innovations to Enhance the Experience of Working Professionals / Jaclyn Conner and Ruchika Sethi, Emory University

Defining and Communicating Your EMBA’s ROI / Arnie Longboy, London Business School, and Randell Hernandez, University of Washington

The Strategic Leadership Intensive: Purposefully Driving Personalized ROI in the Curriculum / Suzanne Carter, Texas Christian University

Building a Valuable Network / Sissel Hammerstrøm, BI Norwegian Business School

Building a Balanced EMBA Cohort: Engaging Candidates From Application Through Orientation / Ana Kyper, Graduate Management Admission Council®; Sharon Barrett, University of Texas at Austin; Keith Gallinelli, Yale University; and Matt Clemons, Duke University

Managing and Adapting to the New Normal – Hybrid Format Education Lessons Learned / Butch Sarma and Brittany Gracik, Virginia Commonwealth University

Starting a Specialized EMBA Program at a Public University: What We Know Now That We Wished We Knew Then! / Shad Satterthwaite, University of Oklahoma

EDI and Organizational Change in Business Schools: What Supports Change and What are the Barriers to Change? /Melissa McCrae, Simon Fraser University

Women, The EMBA and The C-Suite / Francis Petit and Liza Wynns, Fordham University

Creating Impact With Insight: Deciphering EMBA Benchmarking Trends / Wendy Tsung, Yale University; Brian Mahoney, Percept Research; and Adam Wickersham, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Leveraging Hybrid Delivery for EMBA Programs: Enhancing Flexibility and Preserving Networking Opportunities / Leiser Silva, PhD, University of Houston

Facing the Grand Challenges: The Importance of Geopolitics in the EMBA Curriculum / Frédéric Merck, Mannheim Business School, and Cédomir Nestorovic, ESSEC Business School

Optimizing Your Admissions Analytics / Nita Swinsick and Gregory Goulding, Georgetown University

Innovative Approaches to Building Purposeful EMBA Teams / Jeff Kudisch and Jennifer Wiess, Villanova University, and Chris Bray, Northwestern University

Investing in Alumni: How Our Admissions Office Reengaged Alumni to Build a Stronger Application Funnel / Ariel Edwards and Jessica French, Georgia Tech

Upping Your Game: Acting on Market Changes and Trends / Scott Jeffe and Nate Mouttet, RNL, and Randell Hernandez, University of Washington

Immersive Learning: Creating a New Reality in the EMBA Journey / Abraham Varghese, INSEAD

Initiatives to Enhance Diversity in EMBA Programs / Valentina Sredeva and Rachel Viele, University of Cambridge

Transform Your Marketing Outreach Strategy / Mike Miccoli, MIT

Redesigning an EMBA Program and Expanding Our Footprint: UNC Kenan-Flagler’s Path / Holly Rice, UNC Kenan-Flagler

EMBAC conferences

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2003   Inspired Leadership: Create, Compete, Communicate, Collaborate (Atlanta, Oct. 18-22)

2004   Building Bridges, Creating Connections (San Francisco, Oct. 30-Nov. 2)

2005   Dare to be Different (Barcelona, Oct. 30-Nov. 2)

2006   Navigating in a Sea of Change (Baltimore, Oct. 21-24)

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