Industry supporters
EMBAC also invites corporations that support the executive education industry to become corporate members. Corporate members participate in the Executive MBA Council Conference, and a corporate representative also serves on the Board of Trustees.
Andromeda Simulations International
Andromeda Simulations International teaches business acumen by using its Income|Outcome family of simulations. Andromeda usually provides workshops for kick-off and program capstone activities and to quickly get cohorts up to speed with accounting and business concepts.
Amazon Books
A Fortune 500 company based in Seattle,, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) opened on the web in July 1995. Today, Amazon Books offers a wide variety of bulk book solutions and products for schools and organizations. From bulk book pricing, inventory requests, Buy for Others tool, Your Company Bookshelf, and more, Amazon Books is here to help you source and order the books you need to be successful and engage your readers.
Austral Education Group
Based in South America, The Austral Group helps organize visits to South America for Executive MBA and MBA Programs. In additional to handling all logistics, The Austral Group offers the local knowledge and contacts necessary to provide a complete South American business educational experience.
Bschool Travel

An educational travel organization, Bschool Travel partners with the top MBA and EMBA programs to execute high-quality global experiential learning programs and international residencies in more than 100 countries worldwide. Founded by two Michigan Ross MBAs, Bschool Travel takes a strong pedagogical approach to its immersions, which is why it not only supports travel management services, but also provides expertise in program development, company sourcing, project scoping, and speaker engagements.

BusinessCAS by Liaison
For more than two decades, BusinessCAS by Liaison has streamlined the processes that higher education institutions use to manage their applications and market their programs to prospective students. Through Liaison’s admissions management and enrollment marketing solutions, more than 31,000 programs on more than 1,000 campuses nationwide reach prospective students, minimize administrative tasks, and create exceptional experiences for applicants during the full enrollment cycle — from first interest to first day on campus. Its Centralized Application Services CASs™ processes more than 2.5 million applications per year.
Campus Text
Campus Text originally joined EMBAC in 1998 and attended its first conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more than 25 years, Campus Text has worked and partnered with more than 125 programs at colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and abroad. Campus Text provides print and digital textbooks and classroom materials to Executive, Professional, Weekend, and other MBA programs, either shipping them to programs or directly to students. Campus Text also sends digital book redemption codes to students typically within 24 hours. Most books are discounted, and Campus Text offers a bonus discount on the initial order for new customers. Campus Text takes pride in its customer service and its customers can attest to its efficient delivery of print and e-books.
CarringtonCrisp conducts research that offers higher education, including EMBA Programs, insights into the changing marketplace and brings data and creativity together to offer imaginative approaches and practical solutions to programs throughout the world.
Financial Times
Financial Times publishes a global newspaper on business and also offers a comprehensive education program to incorporate global business news into students’ lives.
Graduate Program Recruitment Solutions (GPRS)
Graduate Program Recruitment Solutions  (GPRS) is an exclusive and highly revered provider of professional services to business schools. GPRS has delivered successful outcomes for EMBA, MBA, specialized master’s, and executive education programs nationwide, working with more than 50 colleges and universities across more than 120 graduate programs. GPRS specializes in growing enrollment for new and existing graduate programs, as well as helping with the transition to online learning.  GPRS provides demand generation consulting, contact center recruitment solutions, and the industry’s first lead analysis and peer benchmarking platform.
Hilltop Global Group
With offices in Washington, D.C., and Nairobi, Kenya, Hilltop Global Group supports development initiatives in Africa. Hilltop facilitates turnkey African business residencies for business school programs and universities. With a leadership team of alumni from Georgetown University’s EMBA Program, Hilltop offers expertise to deliver standard and customized program services, which extend well beyond logistics to cross-industry consulting project sourcing and design, including key growth industries, unique cultural and humanitarian experiences, and much more.
Immersion India

Immersion India guides students, corporate executives, faculty, and professionals on study-centric, experiential learning programs in urban and rural India. The only company to win the prestigious UNWTO Global SDG competition in the Quality Education category, Immersion India customizes and tailors all programs to meet learning objectives with a key element of travel and cultural immersion experiences. 

International Study Programs
International Study Programs provides fully customized academic tours for Executive MBA and MBA Programs to destinations worldwide, with a focus on offering access to a range of companies and key figures in business, government, academia, and the press.
Ivy Exec, Inc.
Ivy Exec facilitates an online network of more than 400,000 members who are accepted into the community because of their demonstrated professional success. Ivy Exec provides original career opportunities, professional development resources, and content to members while sharing career-enhancing resources from outside the Ivy Exec community. It also works with EMBA Programs and universities worldwide to market their programs to members and help them recruit high-achieving Ivy Exec community members as program participants.
Kuoni Tumlare
Maestro By Kuoni Tumlare Educational Programs offers a full menu of services for the EMBA and MBA international residency. Kuoni Tumlare marks more than 40 years of unparalleled success as a leading travel provider. With 20 offices throughout Europe and offices in Japan, China, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Bangkok, Boston, São Paulo, and Mexico City, Maestro By Kuoni Tumlare Education Programs provides destination knowledge and an ability to meet all your program’s needs, from travel logistics to educational and corporate content.
MF Digital Marketing

MF Digital Marketing partners with graduate program admissions and marketing staff to meet upwardly mobile, working professionals where they are –- online. Specializing in digital lead generation and recruitment solely for graduate programs, MF Digital Marketing locates, nurtures, and offers relevant and timely information to working professionals who are interested in pursuing master’s degrees. It has driven positive outcomes for Arizona State University School of Law, UCLA Law, Kelley School of Business, Greehey School of Business, Wayne State University Law School, Emory University School of Law, St. Mary’s University School of Law (Texas), Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, UC Hastings Law, and others.

ProspectCloud provides EMBA Programs with qualified candidates of high-yield probability. ProspectCloud individually screens working executives and professionals for program qualification, fit, motivation, and readiness. With PreciseRecruit™ in the EMBA Program toolkit, programs embrace proactive, targeted outreach as part of their search engine marketing (SEM) plans. Leverage key motivators, emotional triggers, and ungated access to adult learners and professionals from the workforce ecosystem.
For nearly 50 years, colleges and non-profit organizations have turned to Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) to enroll the students they want, help more students graduate and succeed, and build lifelong relationships with donors. Our mission is to make colleges, universities, and non-profits successful and vibrant with inspired and relevant engagement with our team of experts.
Southbridge Access
Based in South America, Southbridge Access provides turnkey solutions for business school programs with needs beyond standard travel logistics and ground support. Our company offers exclusive insight into key trends and access to ground-breaking companies and high-level executives in addition to a complete range of ground support and logistics, lodging, and group management services.

TalentSage integrates evidence-based learning tools in its personalized learning experiences to help develop individuals, teams, boards, and organizations. TalentSage uses technology to simplify access, save time and money, and create scalable solutions for learning programs that its clients or its network of academics, practitioners, and executive coaches design and deliver. As a team of leadership development experts, TalentSage brings decades of experience in all aspects of learning, leadership, and talent development for executive students and corporate clients worldwide.

The Washington Campus
The Washington Campus is a non-profit business school consortium headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Washington Campus provides intensive, experiential seminars on business, politics, and public policy for EMBA and MBA students, as well as for executives and other audiences, from around the world.
WorldStrides Custom Programs
WorldStrides Custom Programs supports all aspects related to travel and academic planning for the EMBA international residency. In business for nearly 45 years the value, quality and stability of the organization has been recognized with recent institutional accreditation by AdvancEd. The organization operates worldwide.
Featured corporate member: ProspectCloud
bschool travel

Founded in 2009, EMBAC corporate member ProspectCloud opened its doors as a lead research firm. Throughout the years, ProspectCloud has grown into a research and innovation center for those who are looking for the best-matched prospects to enroll in their offerings.

“ProspectCloud curates precise lead pools of adult learners,” says Oren Pinhas, ProspectCloud president and higher education practice leader. “We employ a radically human approach to student and customer analysis, thoughtfully analyzing and qualifying high-intent prospects.”

The firm works closely with institutions and directly with programs that recruit working professionals and has built a research and analytics function that focuses solely on the study of adult learners for executive and graduate-level education.


“With a deep understanding of past and current students, we create bespoke candidate pools for varied programs across disparate institutions,” says Pinhas. “This institutional knowledge gives us the flexibility to adjust our framework targets throughout our engagement to create increasing precision and impact.”

How does ProspectCloud approach its work in higher education and with EMBA Programs?

First, it makes use of the flagship product in its education practice, PreciseRecruit™. The tool leverages partnerships across ProspectCloud and key stakeholders of customers to understand the situations and lifestyle nuances that help guide data-driven research.

With that information, it builds a CandidateMatrix™, which identifies high-intent executive adult learners who are at the right time to take the next steps in their educational journey. Then, by conducting analysis, research, screening, and vetting, ProspectCloud offers direct access to these learners.

The most satisfying aspect of the work for Pinhas involves working with stakeholders to complete the CandidateMatrix™.

“We come together with the various stakeholders, complete the pre-work, we sit down and mind meld, we explore the wrinkles, we troubleshoot, we get deep into the weeds, and at the end of the day, we know exactly what prospective students to look for,” he says. “Teasing out those intricacies so we can work the magic behind the leads brings everyone in the room a great sense of accomplishment.”

That process may result in uncovering certain types of prospects that no one ever anticipated as matches before. It also can support an increase in the diversity mix.

“The trendlines that get discovered can open completely new opportunities that we would not have noticed without the intense collaboration and thought behind the scenes. When you are working toward the same clear goal, you know you are doing something great.”

While valuable to the end result, PreciseRecruit™ and CandidateMatrix™ are only part of successful outcomes. Building long-term, committed partnerships are at the heart of success, says Pinhas. And, depending on the goals, success can mean different outcomes, such as decreasing inquiry volume while increasing applications or helping program leaders feed enrollment funnels. “Success can also take the form of decreasing burnout of the already strained admissions team who is tasked to fill a cohort.”

When ProspectCloud learned about EMBAC, it was excited to join the council, both to learn from other thought leaders and to share its own insights.

“We all share the common goals of knowledge, growth, proactivity, and empowering one another. The community lifts not just each other up, but also pushes that lift spillover across the greater global community. Every interaction reverberates beyond the room that it happens in, and each relationship is greater than the sum of its parts. ProspectCloud is proud to be a part of that impact.”

As academia continues to evolve, so, too, does ProspectCloud. Recent investments include developing offerings specifically that support the work of both alumni relations teams and degree completion programs.

Through building relationships, tapping stakeholder knowledge, and incorporating data analysis, ProspectCloud has made its mark in transforming enrollment pipelines for programs throughout the country, says Pinhas.

“ProspectCloud represents precision and provides balance against broader and digital outreach,” he says. “We are in partnership, aligned with the goal of pinpointing the right candidates at the right time to meet their needs – and the needs of our customers. We are relentlessly focused on making sure each prospect is qualified, motivated, and fits with the uniqueness of a program.”

For more information about ProspectCloud, contact Orin Pinhas at or visit


“ProspectCloud represents precision and provides balance against broader and digital outreach. We are in partnership, aligned with the goal of pinpointing the right candidates at the right time to meet their needs – and the needs of our customers. We are relentlessly focused on making sure each prospect is qualified, motivated, and fits with the uniqueness of a program.”
President and Higher Education Practice Leader, ProspectCloud