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Industry supporters
EMBAC also invites corporations that support the executive education industry to become corporate members. Corporate members participate in the Executive MBA Council Conference, and a corporate representative also serves on the Board of Trustees.
Amazon Kindle Education
A Fortune 500 company based in Seattle,, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) opened on the web in July 1995. Today, Amazon Kindle Education offers a wide variety of education solutions and products for schools that are making the transition to digital education. To this end, Amazon Kindle Education has created the Whispercast tool, a powerful SAAS platform that enables schools and programs to discover, procure, manage, and deliver eBooks, eTextbooks, apps, and documents quickly and easily at scale to most any device that students own including Fire tablets, Kindle eReaders, iPads, PC, Mac, and Android devices.
Andromeda Simulations International
A high-touch business simulation, Income/Outcome provides a complete overview experience of business management. Executive MBA students gain practical experience in financial statements, the interconnectedness of business decisions, pricing, planning (budgets), and analysis. Team competition workshops break the ice, build teams, and overcome the fear of finance. This foundational learning is a powerful experience and retains its use throughout the Executive MBA Program.
Austral Education Group
Based in South America, The Austral Group helps organize visits to South America for Executive MBA and MBA Programs. In additional to handling all logistics, The Austral Group offers the local knowledge and contacts necessary to provide a complete South American business educational experience.
Business Test Methods
Located in Singapore and Dubai with a technology office in Sri Lanka, Business Test Methods helps EMBA and MBA Programs by developing testing content and methodology to evaluate candidates for admissions. Business Test Methods also creates online mobile testing and training technology and content, and assists thousands of MBA and EMBA candidates to prepare for and enter business school programs through standardized test prep and admissions consulting.
Converge Consulting
A digital marketing communications firm, Converge Consulting makes use of online technologies and innovative, customized approaches and works in collaboration with clients to strategize, execute, and analyze their marketing efforts. Converge Consulting emphasizes and practices the tenets of effective inbound marketing: digital advertising, SEO, Google Analytics, social media, and content strategy.
Destination Partners
A travel management company, Destination Management applies a high-touch management approach to help universities, non-profits, and corporations source, plan, manage, and execute enriching travel programs and experiences throughout the world, from groups of tens to hundreds. Travel management services include custom travel planning and program development; pre-departure support; group and individual air ticketing services; and in-country logistics support including, but not limited to, management of accommodations, ground transportation, on-site guide and/or coordinator services, cultural programming, and team building, as well as arranging and facilitating meetings with local, national, and multinational corporations worldwide.
Executive Core, LLC
Executive Core focuses its services on more quickly developing global leaders through a unique, innovative, and cost-effective approach. Executive Core provides executive coaching, leadership development classes and modules, faculty retreats and advanced facilitation instructional design skills, action learning experiences, and online collaboration for cohorts.
Financial Times
Financial Times publishes a global newspaper on business and also offers a comprehensive education program to incorporate global business news into students’ lives.
Through its platform, GeniusMesh offers a global EMBA network for business professionals from managers to senior executives to explore confidential opportunities with each other and help companies fill executive roles faster and cost effectively.
Graduate Program Recruitment Solutions (GPRS)
Graduate Program Recruitment Solutions  (GPRS) is an exclusive and highly revered provider of professional services to business schools. GPRS has delivered successful outcomes for EMBA, MBA, specialized master’s, and executive education programs nationwide, working with more than 50 colleges and universities across more than 120 graduate programs. GPRS specializes in growing enrollment for new and existing graduate programs, as well as helping with the transition to online learning.  GPRS provides demand generation consulting, contact center recruitment solutions, and the industry’s first lead analysis and peer benchmarking platform.
Harvard Business Publishing
Academic institutions worldwide use Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) teaching materials to add a real-life perspective to courses. These course materials vividly capture business realities and encourage students to play an active role in learning. HBP’s offerings include more than 10,000 case studies from Harvard Business School and partner case collections; Core Curriculum readings that cover foundational concepts for students; eLearning programs, including online courses and simulations; articles from the Harvard Business Review and other top management journals; more than 3,000 books and chapters from Harvard Business Review Press and partner presses; and case method teaching seminars and resources.
Hilltop Global Group
With offices in Washington, D.C., and Nairobi, Kenya, Hilltop Global Group supports development initiatives in Africa. Hilltop facilitates turnkey African business residencies for business school programs and universities. With a leadership team of alumni from Georgetown University’s EMBA Program, Hilltop offers expertise to deliver standard and customized program services, which extend well beyond logistics to cross-industry consulting project sourcing and design, including key growth industries, unique cultural and humanitarian experiences, and much more.
InSitu Programs
Based in Spain and Latin America, InSitu Programs provides customizable academic and logistical services for Executive MBA and MBA Programs. With 12 years of experience and access to key companies and businesses across a wide range of fields, InSitu Programs offers the local expertise to complement a dynamic business educational experience.
International Study Programs
International Study Programs provides fully customized academic tours for Executive MBA and MBA Programs to destinations worldwide, with a focus on offering access to a range of companies and key figures in business, government, academia, and the press.
An international consultancy, iOpener helps organizations achieve their strategic and commercial goals by maximizing the performance, productivity, and happiness of business-critical employees. iOpener offers strategic guidance; tools, such as the iOpener People & Performance Questionnaire and the iOpener 360; leadership development offerings, including programs, executive coaching, and workshops; and other services.
Ivy Exec, Inc.
Ivy Exec facilitates an online network of more than 400,000 members who are accepted into the community because of their demonstrated professional success. Ivy Exec provides original career opportunities, professional development resources, and content to members while sharing career-enhancing resources from outside the Ivy Exec community. It also works with EMBA Programs and universities worldwide to market their programs to members and help them recruit high-achieving Ivy Exec community members as program participants.
Right Management
Right Management is uniquely qualified to be a strategic partner for graduate programs desiring best-in-class recognition for their career development services. A global leader in career optimization for more than 30 years, Right Management has partnered with thousands of businesses and organizations in a wide range of industries and coached millions of executives and future leaders on proactively managing their careers.
Southbridge Access
Based in South America, Southbridge Access provides turnkey solutions for business school programs with needs beyond standard travel logistics and ground support. Our company offers exclusive insight into key trends and access to ground-breaking companies and high-level executives in addition to a complete range of ground support and logistics, lodging, and group management services.
A recognized web-based learning resource, makes learning more convenient, accessible, and successful for students and faculty, who use to manage the assembly and electronic delivery of academic content – regardless of content type, source, cost, copyright information, or viewing platform. also facilitates forums, self-publishing, and access to a store of related resources.
Tumlare Corporation, Inc.
Maestro By Tumlare Educational Programs offers a full menu of services for the EMBA and MBA international residency. Tumlare marks more than 40 years of unparalleled success as a leading travel provider. With 20 offices throughout Europe and offices in Japan, China, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Bangkok, Boston, São Paulo, and Mexico City, Maestro By Tumlare Education Programs provides destination knowledge and an ability to meet all your program’s needs, from travel logistics to educational and corporate content.
The Washington Campus
The Washington Campus is a non-profit business school consortium headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Washington Campus provides intensive, experiential seminars on business, politics, and public policy for EMBA and MBA students, as well as for executives and other audiences, from around the world.
Wordstrides ISA Custom Programs
Wordstrides ISA Custom Programs supports all aspects related to travel and academic planning for the EMBA international residency. In business for nearly 45 years the value, quality and stability of the organization has been recognized with recent institutional accreditation by AdvancEd. The organization operates worldwide.
Featured corporate member: Converge Consulting

A strategic digital advertising plan helped one EMBA Program reach prospects, promote inquiries, and track leads. As a result of the efforts, the program saw an 11 percent increase in inquiries, a 25 percent increase in applications, and a 10 percent increase in enrolled students.

EMBAC corporate member Converge Consulting collaborated with the program to help them marshal digital media with the aim of meeting their marketing and admissions goals. Founded in 2011, Converge Consulting focuses on unleashing the power of the digital world in ways that help programs and schools reach their targets.

The firm just celebrated its fifth anniversary, marking its growth throughout those years in the industry and its commitment to combining strategic approaches and to staying on the frontier of the new technology and advances.


Founder and CEO Ann Oleson spent 20 years in the higher education market before starting her own firm to help universities and colleges make the most of the emerging online world.

At that time, website development dominated the digital landscape, says Oleson Now the ever-expanding digital experience encompasses many aspects from search engine optimization to digital advertising to customized strategic digital campaigns that make use of the latest in technology to identify and attract prospects.

“We know that one of the first places people turn for information is the web,” she says. Recognizing the importance of the digital experience, higher education is increasingly looking to maximize its online efforts.

“One of the biggest trends that we are seeing is graduate programs that are looking to improve their recruiting efforts,” says Oleson. “There is much work to do in the graduate space.”

A strong digital presence involves more than just a functional web site. Converge uses the latest and up-and-coming tools to bolster student recruitment and alumni engagement. For example, Converge pioneered inbound marketing, or the generation of content that draws the attention of the target audience, for higher education.

“Creating engaging content helps pull people in instead of pushing ads out,” says Jay Kelly, president and managing partner. Kelly came to Converge Consulting with leadership experience in the digital field, working for Educational Dynamics and also the New York Times digital, and leverages that experience in shaping the offerings and approaches for higher education.

The firm’s services include inbound marketing, website design, content strategy, search engine optimization, digital advertising, and web analytics, as well as digital and content strategy. It continues to grow and expand, both in staff and locations.

Launched in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Converge Consulting opened a new office Philadelphia, Pennsylvania earlier this year. The firm also has an office in Denver, Colorado.

Converge Consulting takes a strategic, integrated, and collaborative approach in working with business schools and other higher education clients, setting measureable goals, defining options, executing, and tracking results, says Oleson.

For one university, Converge completed a branding and website project that encompassed tasks such as target audience identification and research, branding guidelines, and website development and testing. “It was an incredibly collaborative process,” she says.

Converge Consulting is always looking to the digital future. “We pride ourselves on knowing what’s new and what’s next,” says Kelly. To that end, Converge has added geofencing as one such new digital option. Geofencing uses GPS technology to send targeted ads to mobile users in a specific location, such as a sporting event.

Geofencing fits with the growth of mobile use, says Oleson. In addition, video has become popular, especially with the ability to establish YouTube channels.

Converge first learned about EMBAC through an EMBAC member and was eager to join. “It offers us an opportunity to learn more about members and to gain greater exposure,” says Oleson.

“We want EMBA Programs to know that we are focusing on the new and next,” she says, and the ways that programs can benefit from applying and integrating the new and next for optimal results. “We are constantly pushing the envelope to understand what’s new and next to help develop solutions.”

Converge also emphasizes measuring the results and return on investment from their solutions. “Each project has a set of key performance indicators that we set at the beginning,” says Oleson. From there, the firm tracks the indicators, such as the number of inquiries that comes from a digital ad campaign and the number of those inquiries that turn into applications.

Technology can help higher education in evolving to the many changes that are impacting higher education, says Kelly. And the mission to help higher education succeed is indeed a satisfying one for Oleson and Kelly.

“Education is the most important way we can change the world,” says Kelly. “And higher education is one of the most important industries to support.”

“The EMBA Council is one of the most inclusive organizations we have experienced. They treat their corporate members as true partners. Connecting with other EMBAC members has given us the opportunity to share our best practices in executive leadership coaching and career management/development while also gaining a better understanding of the needs, ideas, and insights of graduates and the higher education community.”
Senior Consultant, Right Management

RVP, Practice Leader, Right Management