Industry supporters
EMBAC also invites corporations that support the executive education industry to become corporate members. Corporate members participate in the Executive MBA Council Conference, and a corporate representative also serves on the Board of Trustees.
Amazon Kindle Education
A Fortune 500 company based in Seattle,, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) opened on the web in July 1995. Today, Amazon Kindle Education offers a wide variety of education solutions and products for schools that are making the transition to digital education. To this end, Amazon Kindle Education has created the Whispercast tool, a powerful SAAS platform that enables schools and programs to discover, procure, manage, and deliver eBooks, eTextbooks, apps, and documents quickly and easily at scale to most any device that students own including Fire tablets, Kindle eReaders, iPads, PC, Mac, and Android devices.
Austral Education Group
Based in South America, The Austral Group helps organize visits to South America for Executive MBA and MBA Programs. In additional to handling all logistics, The Austral Group offers the local knowledge and contacts necessary to provide a complete South American business educational experience.
A mobile-based platform, BetterUp, combines behavioral science, AI technology, and human interaction to drive personal growth and professional development. A global leader in professional coaching, counseling, and mentorship, BetterUp puts dedicated one-to-one care, curated content, coaching, and more in the pocket of every individual. The cutting-edge technology and science provide real-time actionable insights that connect individual growth to organizational outcomes — driving program effectiveness and ROI. Whether in the classroom, the workplace, or at home, BetterUp provides the tools that individuals need to thrive in all aspects of their lives.
BusinessCAS by Liaison
For more than two decades, BusinessCAS by Liaison has streamlined the processes that higher education institutions use to manage their applications and market their programs to prospective students. Through Liaison’s admissions management and enrollment marketing solutions, more than 31,000 programs on more than 1,000 campuses nationwide reach prospective students, minimize administrative tasks, and create exceptional experiences for applicants during the full enrollment cycle — from first interest to first day on campus. Its Centralized Application Services CASs™ processes more than 2.5 million applications per year.
CarringtonCrisp works with universities and business schools to offer imaginative approaches to your ever-changing world, using data and creativity to drive analysis, insight, and practical solutions. Since 2004 we have worked with more than 180 institutions in over 35 countries, rebranding, reviewing, and relaunching programs, defining strategies, and building new approaches to higher education. We help universities and business schools change.
Executive Core, LLC
Executive Core focuses its services on more quickly developing global leaders through a unique, innovative, and cost-effective approach. Executive Core provides executive coaching, leadership development classes and modules, faculty retreats and advanced facilitation instructional design skills, action learning experiences, and online collaboration for cohorts.
Financial Times
Financial Times publishes a global newspaper on business and also offers a comprehensive education program to incorporate global business news into students’ lives.

Founded on the belief that EMBA Program alumni, with their deep corporate experience and broad business knowledge, are uniquely positioned to successfully lead companies, GeniusMesh offers a global EMBA network for career advancement, networking, and job opportunities. GeniusMesh helps connect the world’s top organizations with the leaders they need to help their businesses grow. Through the GeniusMesh online platform, alumni gain access to unpublished, confidential roles that can’t be found elsewhere, network with an exclusive group of global alumni, and tap career advancement resources.

Graduate Program Recruitment Solutions (GPRS)
Graduate Program Recruitment Solutions  (GPRS) is an exclusive and highly revered provider of professional services to business schools. GPRS has delivered successful outcomes for EMBA, MBA, specialized master’s, and executive education programs nationwide, working with more than 50 colleges and universities across more than 120 graduate programs. GPRS specializes in growing enrollment for new and existing graduate programs, as well as helping with the transition to online learning.  GPRS provides demand generation consulting, contact center recruitment solutions, and the industry’s first lead analysis and peer benchmarking platform.
Hilltop Global Group
With offices in Washington, D.C., and Nairobi, Kenya, Hilltop Global Group supports development initiatives in Africa. Hilltop facilitates turnkey African business residencies for business school programs and universities. With a leadership team of alumni from Georgetown University’s EMBA Program, Hilltop offers expertise to deliver standard and customized program services, which extend well beyond logistics to cross-industry consulting project sourcing and design, including key growth industries, unique cultural and humanitarian experiences, and much more.
International Study Programs
International Study Programs provides fully customized academic tours for Executive MBA and MBA Programs to destinations worldwide, with a focus on offering access to a range of companies and key figures in business, government, academia, and the press.
Ivy Exec, Inc.
Ivy Exec facilitates an online network of more than 400,000 members who are accepted into the community because of their demonstrated professional success. Ivy Exec provides original career opportunities, professional development resources, and content to members while sharing career-enhancing resources from outside the Ivy Exec community. It also works with EMBA Programs and universities worldwide to market their programs to members and help them recruit high-achieving Ivy Exec community members as program participants.
Kuoni Tumlare
Maestro By Kuoni Tumlare Educational Programs offers a full menu of services for the EMBA and MBA international residency. Kuoni Tumlare marks more than 40 years of unparalleled success as a leading travel provider. With 20 offices throughout Europe and offices in Japan, China, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Bangkok, Boston, São Paulo, and Mexico City, Maestro By Kuoni Tumlare Education Programs provides destination knowledge and an ability to meet all your program’s needs, from travel logistics to educational and corporate content.
RNL + Converge
A higher education resource for digital marketing, RNL + Converge leverages data-driven digital marketing practices to maximize enrollment for undergraduate, graduate, and online learners, as well as giving from alumni and donors. Campuses turn to RNL + Converge for digital advertising, student recruitment, donor engagement, fund-raising campaigns, website development, and analytics and reporting. With years of on-campus and industry experience, the company’s deep roster of experts understands firsthand the challenges that face higher education professionals today. More than 3,000 colleges and universities have turned to RNL + Converge to meet their challenges, develop solutions, and achieve lasting success.
Southbridge Access
Based in South America, Southbridge Access provides turnkey solutions for business school programs with needs beyond standard travel logistics and ground support. Our company offers exclusive insight into key trends and access to ground-breaking companies and high-level executives in addition to a complete range of ground support and logistics, lodging, and group management services.
A recognized web-based learning resource, makes learning more convenient, accessible, and successful for students and faculty, who use to manage the assembly and electronic delivery of academic content – regardless of content type, source, cost, copyright information, or viewing platform. also facilitates forums, self-publishing, and access to a store of related resources.

TalentSage integrates evidence-based learning tools in its personalized learning experiences to help develop individuals, teams, boards, and organizations. TalentSage uses technology to simplify access, save time and money, and create scalable solutions for learning programs that its clients or its network of academics, practitioners, and executive coaches design and deliver. As a team of leadership development experts, TalentSage brings decades of experience in all aspects of learning, leadership, and talent development for executive students and corporate clients worldwide.

The Washington Campus
The Washington Campus is a non-profit business school consortium headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Washington Campus provides intensive, experiential seminars on business, politics, and public policy for EMBA and MBA students, as well as for executives and other audiences, from around the world.
Wordstrides ISA Custom Programs
Wordstrides ISA Custom Programs supports all aspects related to travel and academic planning for the EMBA international residency. In business for nearly 45 years the value, quality and stability of the organization has been recognized with recent institutional accreditation by AdvancEd. The organization operates worldwide.
Featured corporate member: The Washington Campus
The Washington Campus

Michael Lord reflects on the memorable moments throughout the years when the late Congressman John Lewis met with thousands of students who participated in The Washington Campus courses.

“I always remember that it never got old,” says Lord, president of The Washington Campus. “I always remember that he brought so many people to tears, but they were tears of catharsis because when he shared what he had been through in his lifetime, he always left everyone feeling hopeful.”

Lewis spoke to students about progress, which made the current challenges feel less daunting. “He always embodied and encouraged what we at The Washington Campus do and say, which is engage in whatever way you’re able.”


As a non-profit, non-partisan, higher education consortium, The Washington Campus organizes one-day to one-week programs that offer graduate management students, especially MBA students, a close look at public policy and its impact on businesses, industries, and the economy – sometimes as events are unfolding.

The founders of The Washington Campus had that closeness exactly in mind. Led by the late Bill Seidman, former chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, a group of senior government officials, business executives, and academic representatives came together in 1978 to launch the non-profit organization.

“It was really focused on filling a gap in the MBA curriculum, which was that business and government have to interact and they should interact effectively, but that business doesn’t really understand government and government doesn’t really understand business,” says Lord.

While the traditional MBA curriculum covered the functional areas, such as accounting, finance, marketing, it didn’t really address public policy issues. For general managers, C-suite executives, and entrepreneurs, public policy knowledge becomes incredibly important when tax bills, new regulations, or other forms of public policy impact business, he says.

“The Washington Campus was founded to bridge that gap in terms of understanding of the critical relationships between business and government and to do it in an experiential way by bringing students here to Washington, D.C., and immerse them in it.”

Now, students from all types of MBA programs, including Executive MBA Programs, as well as executive education offerings and specialty master’s and undergraduate degree programs, take part in The Washington Campus offerings.

For EMBA Programs, The Washington Campus offers customized residency courses for single school cohort EMBA Programs, as well as open enrollment courses for students from any accredited school in the United States or abroad.

The content covers wide ground that typically includes the regulatory process, legislative policymaking, tax and fiscal policy, trade relations, lobbying and advocacy in public policy, and the role of associations and coalitions. Courses for overseas schools and programs include cross-cultural components. The Washington Campus also offers deeper dive programs on health care policy, financial regulation, and accounting and public policy.

In recent years, course content has expanded to help address new challenges of a broader landscape of public affairs and the broader set of skills that executives need to deal with those challenges, says Lord. Increasingly, content integrates topics such as social media, environmental, social, and governance (ESG), corporate social responsibility (CSR), and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

During programs, students hear from top lobbyists, top corporate and association executives, legislators, and other policymakers.

“It really is about immediately immersing them in the experience,” says Lord. “Then we get them out and about into D.C. as much as possible, including visits to the National Press Club and Capitol Hill Club. They hear from speakers on media and social media and meet with members of Congress, staffers, government regulators.”

On the corporate side, senior executives with companies such as Google, Facebook, Samsung, American Express, and Mars bring their public policy perspectives to students, as do those who make and shape policy on trade, cybersecurity, and immigration. Former leaders of the Congressional Budget Office and the White House Council of Economic Advisors lead discussions on fiscal and monetary policy.

The Washington Campus joined EMBAC many years ago, as the MBA marketplace began to diversify beyond the full-time MBA. EMBAC offers a place to network, to connect with and explore new ideas with members, and to share knowledge. Lord is looking forward to this year’s in-person EMBAC Conference and the informal interactions that happen there.

Those relationships with EMBAC members help The Washington Campus as it moves forward. The pandemic necessitated a switch to online offerings and opened the door for more delivery options. The Washington Campus has returned most of its programming to in-person, but the pandemic revealed a demand for online learning.

“We will continue to offer online course offerings,” says Lord, as well as explore different formats and options for online and look at new and emerging topic areas, such as artificial intelligence and policy.

“We will continue to innovate and evolve as Executive MBAs and EMBA Programs evolve, and we welcome input from our existing EMBA partners as well as new ones.”

Lord enjoys seeing the impact of The Washington Campus experience on students, who begin to understand how important and integral public affairs and public policy are to their strategy and their bottom line.

“I think the most satisfying part of my work is that we’re part of the solution. By solution, I mean to try to make the country and the world a better place. Business is powerful, and business is taking on new roles. As politics gets confused and chaotic and partisan, people are expecting business to step up and take more of a public role and to help shape public affairs and public policy in new and different ways.

“We leave our program participants not only more accurately informed, but also empowered to engage,” he says. “The more that business is effectively engaged, the more it will make better public policy so it’s a win-win all around for students, for their companies, and for the country and the world.”

For more information about The Washington Campus, contact Michael Lord at or visit here


“The Washington Campus was founded to bridge that gap in terms of understanding of the critical relationships between business and government and to do it in an experiential way by bringing students here to Washington, D.C., and immerse them in it.”
President, The Washington Campus