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2018 Director’s Program
In Business, How Do Dreams Come True? Examining the Mindset of Discovery & Disruption
Madrid, Spain
Focus: In Business, How Do Dreams Come True? Examining the Mindset of Discovery & Disruption
SPEAKERS: Joseph Pistrui, professor of entrepreneurship and innovation, IE Business School, and Susana Torres, academic director and professor of humanities, IE University and IE Business School
TIME: Sunday, Oct. 14, 8 AM-5 PM
COST: $595
REQUIREMENTS: At least five years of experience at the director’s level
AGENDA: Schedule for the day
Focus: Must-knows of EMBA Program operation
SPEAKERS: Expert program leaders (see Agenda)
TIME: Sunday, Oct. 14, 8 AM-5 PM
COST: $495
PARTICIPANTS: Those members who are new to the industry
AGENDA: Schedule for the day

Prepare to be inspired by a location where legendary leadership resided and a program of transformational purpose.

The 2018 Director’s Program offers you the opportunity to explore your entrepreneurial spirit and see how you can apply your innovative talents and skills for the benefit of your program. And it takes place in a one-of-a-kind setting filled with historical significance and leadership lessons from the past.

Participants will travel to the Convent of Sta. Cruz la Real in Segovia, one of Queen Isabella’s royal foundations in Castile and currently home to IE University. Europe’s first great queen and female global leader, Queen Isabella made her mark in history in so many ways. She achieved the unification of Spain and disrupted the 15th-Century world by pursuing her dream of a global Spanish empire that eventually led Columbus to the discovery of America. Overcoming the challenges and assuming the responsibilities that few women had before then, Queen Isabella set the course for her country and a new world.

Leadership lessons from one of the best

Susana Torres

Step back into time during a tour of the Convent of Sta. Cruz la Real while learning more about Queen Isabella and her reign.

Susana Torres, academic director and professor of humanities at IE University and IE Business School, will offer insights on the lessons of Queen Isabella’s leadership and the key role that she played in history.

Torres focuses her research on Slavic and Medieval Studies, specializing in Russian literature and culture from the Middle Ages to the present. In her current research, she explores the transmission and representation of ideologies of power from the Middle Ages until now, particularly in the different classical and Biblical Eastern and Western European models.


Torres received her “Doctor Europeus” Ph.D. in Slavic Philology from Cambridge University and Universidad Complutense and competed postdoctoral studies in history at EPHE in Paris and in paleography and codicology at The Ohio State University. She has taught at several universities in Spain and the U.S. and has been appointed Visiting Scholar at the Universities of Harvard, Ohio State, and Cambridge.


Entrepreneurial mindset: Dreams that come to life

Joseph Pistrui

In a setting that has seen many dreams turn into reality, participants will spend most of the day in the quest to develop and apply the entrepreneurial mindset as they lead their programs.

While the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation sound great, how do they exactly work in the field of business education? Do you have to be the founder of a new innovation unit? Or create a “special unit” inside your existing structure? In other words, what does it really take to be more entrepreneurial and reap the associated benefits of innovation?


This program will help EMBA leaders as they discover their innovative spirit and strive to move their dreams for the future closer to reality. The program:

  • Examines the implications of transformation for leaders
  • Offers a platform for discussion on ways to build growth in changing environments
  • Explores the process of identifying, formulating, and validating value propositions for promising new opportunities

Joseph Pistrui, professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at IE Business School, serves as the guide for this discovery process. Pistrui has helped numerous leaders and their organizations become more systematic about developing a range of entrepreneurial behaviors that support innovation. He currently leads the Nextsensing Initiative to distinguish the requisite mindset and skillset that underpins entrepreneurial behaviors, as well as helping make them accessible to leaders and their teams who are interested in more innovation-based growth and new business development.

Pistrui has more than 30 years of management experience, first as a general manager with the FMCG division of Bristol-Myers Squibb in the United States, and more recently through his work with a range of organizations on a global scale. His work integrates experience from the practice of management with a wide-ranging set of theories and focuses on the “entrepreneurial problem” of innovation-based growth and new business development.



You must register for the Director’s Program when you register for the EMBAC Conference. Only members with five years of director-level experience are eligible to attend the Director’s Program.

EMBAC Toolkit: Practical Lessons

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The one-day session will take place Sunday, Oct. 14, a day before conference sessions begin. Presented by a veteran team of Executive MBA members, the EMBAC Toolkit makes it easy for you to meet colleagues.

Because EMBAC Toolkit seats fill quickly, it can pay to register early. When you register for the conference, just remember to check the EMBAC Toolkit section on the registration form.