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Student success and satisfaction

The EMBAC Student Exit Survey offers programs an easy-to-administer, convenient, and cost-effective way to:

Measure the opinions of your students
Assess the loyalty of your students
Collect return on investment data
Compare your results against those of similar programs
Target areas for improvement
Chart your progress from year to year

Because it provides anonymous peer comparisons of similar schools, the Student Exit Survey is the industry’s best competitive intelligence tool, offering competitive information not available through other surveys.


You now can access your school’s archives of reports via your school portal. Dating back to 2006, reports are available for all surveys by clicking on the Report Archive tab.

To register for the survey, visit your school portal.

Standard reporting

The Competitive Intelligence Report (CIR) includes a full report of your program results compared to standard industry segments and six self-selected peer programs in graphical format. The CIR includes high-level commentary and all metrics charted for comparative assessment, as well as the Topline Summary, Verbatim Document, and integrated Key Driver Analysis.

The Key Driver Analysis is an at-a-glance graphical analysis of your program’s key drivers of loyalty based on brand ratings and derived importance. These quadrant maps provide decision guides for translating student perceptions into strategic allocations of organizational investments.

For other report options, contact Percept Research through your school portal.


To ensure confidentiality, EMBAC’s contract research partner Percept Research administers the survey on behalf of the council. It’s easy for EMBAC members to participate in the Student Exit Survey.

First you must register your program or programs through Register/Manage Survey. Then choose your preferred method to administer the survey: web or print. Next steps vary depending on the chosen option. Contact Percept Research through your school portal for more information.