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Many thanks

The 2019 Executive MBA Council Conference offers opportunities for networking, professional development, and camaraderie. It also offers schools opportunities to sponsor major conference events, including plenary sessions, workshops, the opening night reception, coffee breaks, and events.

If you have questions about 2019 sponsorship, contact Allan Bishop from Kennesaw State University.


Supporters of the 2019 Executive MBA Council Conference include the colleagues who volunteer their time and talents to make the conference a success. The 2019 Conference Planning Committee includes the following members:

Jackie Brito, Co-Chair
Rollins College

Su-Lan Tenn, Co-Chair
York University

Allan Bishop
Kennesaw State University

Pamela Foster Brady
University of Texas at Dallas

Marcele Gama

Greta Kosanavich
Amazon Kindle Education

Jennifer Wiess
Villanova University

Michelle Wilson
Case Western Reserve University

Council Representatives
Michael Desiderio
Karen Mc Lintock
Linda Thompson

Darlene Gorrill, Darlene Gorrill Communications