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The investment in council membership pays off in many different ways. Consider the value of the following:

  • Expertise of colleagues throughout the world
  • Member-only publications that report on industry best practices and trends
  • Professional development opportunities that are tailored for EMBAC members
  • Annual conference and regional meetings that bring members face-to-face
  • Program-specific and aggregate research findings
  • Member-only engagement and member-only features on the member web portal

Corporate members gain increased visibility and the opportunity to meet face-to-face with members at the annual conference, which helps relationship-building and business development goals.

Annual dues
Annual Dues
Annual Dues

“The council is a ready-made network of collaborative individuals on whom you can call for simple advice as well as to discuss more strategic ideas. You realize that the challenges your program is facing may not be unique and there are people and solutions available to help you work through issues.

Personally, I gain a wide and diverse network of fantastic EMBA colleagues from around the world. My school and program gain insights and perspectives that make our EMBA Program function at a higher level."
Associate Dean, Executive MBA Program, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
“The Executive MBA Council provides an invaluable opportunity for administrators from schools committed to delivering an excellent Executive MBA to stay ahead of the game, and to build strong networks with peers from other schools around the world.”
Dean, Gordon Institute of Business, University of Pretoria