Transfer Trends into Opportunity at EMBAC Conference Plenaries

Take a closer look at the road ahead with insights from the 2017 EMBAC Conference plenary sessions.

“Our 2017 plenary sessions offer thoughtful perspectives on topics that are universally important for EMBA Programs throughout the world,” says Michael Desiderio, EMBAC executive director.

“The plenary speakers will address ways to spot and prepare for trends that may transform the industry, will identify the perceptions of millennials regarding what they want from work, and will discuss the leadership traits that top senior leaders say are important to the future of their businesses.”

Futurist Simon J. Anderson will help EMBA Programs strengthen their ability to anticipate and respond to changes, offering actions and strategies to increase future resilience. Founder of Venture Foresight, Anderson co-authored the 2014 Bellwether Award-winning book Foresight 20/20: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow and the updated and expanded edition with fellow global futurist Jack Uldrich.

Researcher Jennifer Deal will tackle the stereotypes of millennials, shedding light on ways to better develop their leadership capabilities and engage them to maximize their contributions.

Deal serves as senior research scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in San Diego, California, and an affiliated research scientist at the University of Southern California Center for Effective Organizations. She manages the CCL’s World Leadership Survey and the Emerging Leaders research project and recently co-authored the 2016 book, What Millennials Want from Work with Alec Levenson.

“We also are pleased to present a panel of high-powered senior leaders who will discuss the characteristics they want to see in emerging and experienced leaders and the implications for EMBA Programs that help develop those leaders.”

The panel features moderator Michael D. Johnson, associate professor of management and organization and Endowed Professor of Business Administration at the University of Washington Foster School of Business, and includes panelists Bill Ayer, retired chairman and CEO of Alaska Air Group; Diane Bartoli, general manager, Amazon Education; and Ray Conner, vice chairman of The Boeing Company.

“This year’s slate offers members a way to enhance their understanding and help shape an even more powerful EMBA experience for leaders – one that increases their ability to contribute to their businesses and society,” says Desiderio.

For more details, visit the conference plenary session page.

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